Yachts suitable for physically challenged people

The range of yachts suitable for people with physical disabilities is very large. Ranging from 10 foot to 18 foot long dinghy’s, to the specially designed SV/14 and in the gulf of Thailand we are able to use the Bruce Farr designed Platu, which is a 25 foot racing keel boat.

the SV/14
The Platu 25

The design is not important as long as it allows anyone to be able to sail them safely, and simply enjoy the freedom of being pushed along by only the wind in the sails. To enjoy the peace and quiet associated with sailing, along with the feeling of being as free as a bird.

We also have the ability to take people out for a simple cruise on big stable Yachts. No need to be involved with the intricacies of ropes, just simply sit down and enjoy the ride.

When we take out 50 or more orphans the emphasis is simply on being on, or in, the water. Several cruising yachts are used to take the kids out to a calm area where swimming, canoeing, speed boat rides etc are the order of the day. Just to see their happy smiling faces and hear their shrieks of laughter replaces any serious thoughts of how to sail.

“Freedom Sailing” caters for all, from learning how to sail to simply relaxing at sea. Here in the Gulf Of Thailand we are blessed with ideal sailing conditions. Warm water, gentle winds and flat seas are the norm, with sunshine every day.

Contact us now to┬ábegin to arrange your own way to enjoy some “freedom”.