Nina Nantini Dhoowa

Nina is an exceptional lady and an inspiration to us all.

Nina was involved in a serious car accident 5 years ago which left her a quadriplegic. However, far from giving up on life, Nina has a passion for helping others who are also physically challenged, with an emphasis on going sailing as a way to relieve the restrictions they endure on land.

Nina produces the website and works hard to promote the sport. She worked closely with Peter Jacops who was determined to be able to give Nina, and others like her, the chance to enjoy the sport of sailing. As such, Peter investigated the existing yacht situation and decided a complete new design was required. The result, three years later, is the SV/14. The history of this revolutionary concept can be seen at

The boat features many electrical systems which allow physically challenged crew to operate the sails, steering and seat tilt with joystick controllers. These joysticks can be operated by hand or by chin when supported appropriately.

Launching the SV/14 March 2018