Hi everyone.

Freedom Sailing Thailand began in January 2018.

It intends to create a format that helps anyone and everyone to be as free as a bird, to enjoy the FREEDOM of being driven by the wind. Away from the noise and pollution of everyday life.

We started by helping people with physical challenges but soon realized that there are many others who would benefit from enjoying the freedom of sailing.

Orphans, children brought up in abject poverty, children who have suffered physical and mental abuse, lonely people and many others. To help these people understand that there are good people in life who care for others no matter what their circumstances. To help put a smile on their faces and give them hope for a better future.

For the people who help Freedom Sailing, they too discover a whole new world. They discover that the joy of “giving” brings about the feeling of freedom from wanting to “receive”.

If you know of anyone who would benefit from going sailing or if you want to help them do so, get in touch today and start enjoying the pleasure of giving.

Kev. Scott, founder.

email [email protected]          or mobile Thailand 0878 25 00 11